• Azienda Agricola il Pignetto
  • Azienda Agricola il Pignetto
  • Azienda Agricola il Pignetto

COMPANY / Family and farm History

“Il Pignetto” Farm and Winery is located on the outer range of the morainal hills that frame southeastern Lake Garda, and from it you command a view which, sweeping across the vineyards, easily extends to “fair Verona”.
In 1930 grandfather Benvenuto Morando arrived and settled here with his large family, as he was attracted by a favourably positioned, sunkissed farm, moderately exposed to sudden climatic changes. At the time the only resource he had was his labour capacity since he did not own the farm.
In the 1960s, through great sacrifices and tenacity his son Giuseppe managed to buy the land which was beginning to prove suitable for vine growing.
In the following years the experimental, “farmer method”, honest-to-goodness wine-making from the grapes of the earlier harvests was carried out. The results were good enough to stimulate in grandson Adriano the passion of the farmer who always seeks top quality by matching tradition with new farming techniques and by using natural and organic methods both in vineyard tending and preservation, and winery processing of grapes.

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